About Me

On the Internet, I am generally known as Grasshopper, or “Gafanhoto” in Portuguese. I have already lived around age years on the planet earth, and I hope to live the average amount of time for a human being of my generation. I am currently in the second year of my master’s degree.

— Academic —

My Academic life started in Colégio de S.Tomás, where I had classes from 1st year of school to the last day of High School. During this period, I took 3 Internships (two related to biology and one to engineering), which left me confused with what to choose. Like the flip of a coin, I decided to go for Geospatial/Geomatics engineering at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. During these four years, I developed my taste for Engineering and Science topics. Close to the end of the third year, I went to the Netherlands for an Internship at the ITC. After being back from Enschede, I got another Internship at a company called Think Future.

Before the conclusion of my bachelor’s, I was already sure that I wanted to pursue a master’s degree. However, uncertainty was present in my decision between Geodesy or Computer Science. Although I still maintain a fascination for the representation and measurement of the physical shape of the earth, I did choose CS as my master to have my thesis on Programming languages/Compilers.

— Music —

My garden of hobbies has many species that never survived, but a small amount ended up giving flowers. Music is by far the one I have sunk the most time and money. What started casually with learning an instrument for fun evolved into a couple of bands and musical endeavours that I hold dearly. I could easily talk about each project, but that would be more of an article, which this is not. For this reason, I mention here that I played the guitar on the song Nothing Concrete by Why Knot. Played the drums and sang on The Spoon Of The Gods by Pod Pop and I am currently the Drummer of a band called Azma. I should also mention that I was a student (for 4 years) on the International Drum Academy where I attended classes with the great Michael Lauren.